That's me on an early training run in Byron Bay when I weighed over 100 kg.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 5:2 diet

A friend of mine, Julie, is not someone who recommends something lightly. She is a sharp thinker and avid researcher  So when Julie recommend the 5:2 diet, I just leap in. After all, I need to lose about 20 kg in 10 months in order to complete the New York Marathon. And the sooner it comes off the better.

The 5:2 diet is pretty simple: eat normally for 5 days (easy) and fast for two non-consecutive days (eek). Fasting in this diet means less than 600 calories per day (500 for women).

Dinner ingredients for miso soup 

I started yesterday. Breakfast was a greek salad and two black coffees, 'lunch' was a few grapes and some watermelon and dinner a few pieces of sashimi and miso soup. I certainly felt the pang of hunger, but the funny thing was that it felt good. It felt like a type of slow motion work out. I knew I was doing something good for my body. And I love the idea of only counting calories on 2 days.

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  1. Looking good John. 20kg drop seems a lot. Stay with it. Love that Miso.


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